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Friday, April 06, 2007

budget billing finally pays off

After we had lived in our current home for a year, I contacted the electric and natural gas services and signed up for "budget billing". That's where they average your electric and gas usage from the previous year and you pay the same amount each month in assumption that your usage will be about the same as the previous year. Each year since then we've always had to "pay up" at the end of the year. Meaning our payments didn't quite cover what our actual usage had been. Most years, it's been a fairly significant amount, like $100+ AND they up your monthly bill to offset for the next year. This year, when our gas year ended, we owed less that $20 but they still raised our bill by $10 a month!! But today, our electric bill came and low and behold we had a credit. A $100+ credit! AND they lowered our monthly bill by $14 (so I guess it kind of evened out with the gas bill)!

Couple that with my kids having a playdate today, my husband taking the day off from work, lunch with some great, local bloggers, plus a pedicure - that's what I call a good Friday.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Hallelujah! The grave is empty. He has risen! He has risen, indeed.


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